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The MegaStar's daughter is now a lady... 

KC Concepcion or Kristina Cassandra Concepcion y Cuneta was born on April 7, 1985 to famous parents Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta. From a shy and timid little girl, she grew up to be one of the most beautiful and alluring faces in the country. Certainly, everybody has been awaiting her entry into showbusiness. All have been expecting her to replace her mother in her post as the country's most popular and successful multimedia star.

KC is the most awaited star of the decade. All of 16 years, KC bloomed into a lady that she is now when they (her mom Sharon and dad Sen. Pangilinan) came back from their one year stay in Boston, MA, USA. When she attended Mikey Cojuangco & Dodot Jaworski's wedding reception, everybody was mezmerized at how good-looking KC was. Of course the genes of her parents helped a lot... plus she inherited her mom's magnetic charm.

This year, 2001, the country had a glimpse of KC. Starting with the endorsement of Human, an alternative clothing brand from Bench, all have been awaiting her "eventual" entry into the local show business. This August, she will be playing the role of Princess Sapphire in the Trumpets production of The Little Mermaid. She is not expected to do more after The Little Mermaid (school starts in September at the International School), but it is not a far-fetched thing to expect that if and when KC joins local showbiz, she is definitely gonna be the next MegaStar... or a larger star than her mother perhaps? 

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