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Sharon is upstaged by daughter
and couldn't be any happier
Philippine Daily Inquirer, August 2, 2001 by Leah Salterio

KC shines

IT HAS probably never happened to her illustrious career as a singer and actress. But last Thursday, megastar Sharon Cuneta was upstaged in public, not by a bigger star, but by her 16-year-old daughter KC Concepcion.

There was a horde of people-TV crew, print media writers, paparazzi-yet, their focus was not on Sharon, but on KC.

It was understandable, since the public has always been curious and interested about Sharon's teenage daughter. And since KC had never gone public despite her celebrity status, she suddenly found herself in the middle of a media frenzy.

Sharon, however, does not really mind. In fact, she even basks at the attention her daughter is now getting.

"Feel na feel ko dahil anak ko 'yan," Sharon tells us.

It was the launch of KC as the image model of Human, the alternative fashion label from garment honcho Ben Chan.

Although far from being a stage mom, Sharon was there to lend moral support to KC. And she was not the only one. Her hubby, Sen. Francis Pangilinan, was there, too, as well as their seven-month-old baby girl, Frankie.

Sharon's mom, Elaine Cuneta, cousins Ciara and Lala Sotto, parents-in-law Donato and Emma Pangilinan, Gary and Angeli Valenciano, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan also graced the affair.

KC was signed up as Human image model reportedly for a cool P5-million talent fee. But Chan refuses to confirm if the figure is accurate.

"Don't you think KC is the most interesting 'Human'?" Chan says. "She's young, vibrant and unpredictable. She's adventurous in dressing up. When I met her, I liked her style. For me, she's a prize catch."

KC has been receiving countless offers to do TV commercials, movies and TV shows since she was 9, but it is only now that she has given her nod to a product endorsement.

"I've been using Human clothes for the longest time," KC shares. "I won't endorse something that I don't believe in."

KC is also making her theater debut in the re-staging of the Trumpets musical, "Little Mermaid," from Aug. 3 to Sept. 9 at the Meralco Theater. KC will play Princess Sapphire.

However, in case everyone thinks that being the image model of Human and appearing in "Little Mermaid" signal the start of KC's show biz career, Sharon says it will be back to academic life for her daughter come September, when classes at International School resume.

"I only allowed her to do these things because it's her school break, that's why the timing is perfect," Sharon explains.

It was not hard to convince Sharon to allow KC to model for Human.

"I believe she's ready for it," Sharon says "Besides, I've known Ben since 1989 and his track record in the garment business is very good. That's why when he approached us for KC, it was not really hard to say yes to him."

In momís footsteps

The mom says her daughter is not likely to follow in her footsteps and become an actress.

"KC doesn't like the movies, she likes to sing," Sharon grants. "But I really want her to finish her studies first before she gets serious about show biz."

During the Human launch, KC was presented in a grand visual showcase at the Carlos Romulo Auditorium of the RCBC Plaza in Makati. She modeled a couple of Human garments, before graciously answering questions fielded by the media.

"Please limit your queries to fashion and Human," host Ces Drilon tells the media. "No personal questions. I hope you get the drift."

Although she is now a celebrity endorser of a garment line, KC has her own fashion icons such as pop superstar Madonna, No Doubt vocalist Gwen Stefani, actress Cameron Diaz and "Party of Five" mainstay Jennifer Love Hewitt.

KC obviously got her striking features from her dad Gabby, who is now based in the United States. However, since she has been estranged from her father for a long time now, KC hardly talks about her dad.

"I don't know my biological dad that well to be able to say what I got from him," she says. "I know I got my patience from my step dad, though."

Surprisingly, KC admits she is not a big Sharon fan. But she likes her mom's version of the South Border hit, "Kahit Kailan." And among the many Sharon blockbusters, KC gives her vote to "Madrasta," where Sharon starred with Christopher de Leon and played stepmom to Claudine Barretto.

"I still believe my mom is second to none," KC says.

KC has definitely got what it takes to be a megastar like her mom. Sharon can prevent it from happening, but not for a long time.


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