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Meet the real KC Concepcion
Philippine Daily Inquirer, July 24, 2001 

Emerging from the shadows

ON FRIDAY, the biggest campaign of Ben Chan’s alternative label for the young and individualistic, Human, will be launched. And at the heart of the blitz is its newest image model, KC Concepcion. Yes, she’s Sharon Cuneta’s daughter and you know everything about her. Well, maybe not everything.

For instance, at school, KC is an achiever: She’s in the honor roll, she’s with the choir, she’s secretary of the class and the junior council, and she’s the PRO of the environmental club.

KC is a loving sister, good friend, adventurous clotheshorse, soccer player, swimmer and, most of all, a teenager with depth.

There are other things people don’t know about the 16-year-old celebrity. In this exclusive interview with the INQUIRER 2bU! staff, the prettiest face to hit media of late talks about lip balm, her ideal boyfriend, her idea of fun and the real KC Concepcion.

People think you’re a sweet little girl. Are you, really?

No, I’m faking it. (Laughter) Just kidding. I think people tend to highlight a certain side of someone. Like me, some people say I’m sweet. I’m human—and that’s not a pun or promo or anything—and there are different sides to everyone. When they see me angry, they’ll say, “Why is she like that? She’s not supposed to be like that. She’s supposed to be this sweet little girl.” How would you feel if you were under a magnifying glass? I have different sides, like everyone else.

What irritates you?

One of the things that really irritate me is that people can’t understand I’m normal. They already have different perceptions of me. It affects me more now when people try to pry constantly. I’m an adolescent and I’m learning different things. I stumble along the way. I’m just going through a lot.

Your yaya says you look most beautiful when you’re angry. What are you like when you’re angry? Do you throw things?

I don’t throw things. Sometimes I really keep it all inside. Sometimes you’ll see I’m less perky or I won’t be perky at all. I’ll just stay in my own little corner and I’ll be moody. I keep it all inside. When I do let it out sometimes, I tend to stay away from people.

How much influence does your mom have on your sense of style?

She’s never really been revealing. She doesn’t like a lot of cleavage. Not really sexy. In that sense, I’ve learned to kind of avoid the whole I-want-to-show-a-lot-of-skin thing. Once in a while I’d want to, but it’s not really part of my life.

Do you have a beauty regimen?

It’s not something I prioritize. As long as I feel clean, as long as I don’t smell, I will step out of the door and I’m fine. I just wash my face every night and day. I take showers. (Laughs) The beauty thing is not really part of the conversation.

What can’t you leave home without?

Lip balm. I have to have lip balm because my lips are really dry and I feel so dirty when... It always has to be moisturized.

Got to be real

What is your ideal boyfriend like?

Intelligent and responsible. I should be able to feel we’d be able to work anything out the right way. And I like to learn from everyone so he’d have to be someone smart, not brain-dead. Someone who knows how to have fun and has a passion for life, respects others’ thoughts. Got to be real.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Whether I do or not, it’s not something I really would want to talk about.

Are you romantic?

Ask my future boyfriend.

Do you have a pet?

Had a black-cap parrot from Indonesia called Kulay and a couple of fighting fish called Chaos and Jorda. They died. Our dog Solomon is still around, though. He’s a shih tzu.

What’s your idea of fun?

Fun can be anything, but some people have a totally distorted sense of fun. [To me, it’s] doing things you’ve never done before, and the people you do them with. It’s all about the rush, or the experiences you never forget that makes the best times—as long as no one’s hurt, or forced to do something silly.

What’s your favorite foreign city?


What time do you go to bed?

Usually, I can’t fall asleep until about midnight.

What words/expressions do you most use?

“That’s pretty funny.” “So weird.” “That’s so bad!” “Ayayayayay!” “You sure?” Clicking noises—I make a lot of gestures and get pretty animated when I talk.

What/who makes you laugh? Why?

Tom Green! People like him you just can’t take seriously. It’s interesting when you see somebody making a fool of himself to be funny but doesn’t realize it.

You’ve never gone this public before, though you’ve hosted a “Sharon” episode. How do you think you’ll deal with the aftermath of going public?

I try to keep my feet on the ground and try to ignore the fuss, although it’s not completely ignorable. I just try to stick to what’s real in my life, what’s not show biz. There are things that are really important to me, like my family, friends, true friends, real people, real situations. 


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